This unit will be led by Christian Freer (Insurance experience – 16 years) formerly Placement Director of Brightside plc, now Commercial Director for Strategic Motor where he will oversee all Strategic’s insurance operations.

Christian has a wealth of knowledge of this market and is an expert at relationship management.

What We Do

Refreshing Alternative
Strategic aim to deliver a credible alternative to insurers that exist in the crowded Personal Lines motor space. We will deliver scalable product solutions via the main insurance software platforms, placing simplicity and flexibility at the heart of what we do.

Speed of delivery and decision making will be the foundation of our offering, backed by market knowledge and experienced underwriting capabilities in this sector. We will encourage case referral in support of agreed facilities.

Brokers will be able to access underwriting “paper” perhaps not previously available to them, with Strategic developed MI supporting account monitoring and development. In order to provide flexibility our capacity will allow the underwriting of both Private Car and Commercial Vehicle Personal Lines risks.

Working with broker intellectual property is something we will actively encourage at Strategic, being both protective of this information and actively engaged in developing bespoke initiatives.

Our Promise
  • Strategic capacity will be sourced from quality providers and offer a credible alternative to those with whom the broker already works.
  • Our product and scheme solutions will be developed with simplicity and scalability aiding agility and bespoke support, lacking inside many larger insurers of today.
  • Due to our limited distribution, we will be in a position to conduct regular MI supported reviews in order to ensure our mutual goals are being met.
  • All our management and support team are accessible and available, in tune with your business, supporting bespoke case referral.
  • We will remunerate our brokers with a competitive and sustainable level of commission to ensure viability of our relationship and longevity of the account.