travel insurance

Does Strategic Insurance Services Ltd (SISL) sell travel insurance directly to the consumer?
No, we work with specialist travel providers in order to develop policies which suit their customers and match their requirements.

Can you provide travel insurance for non UK residents?
SISL is authorised and registered to operate throughout Europe as are our insurance underwriting companies. We can therefore offer travel insurance services which can be sold in any European territory subject to the availability of suitable third party claims administration services.

Is the insurance branded Strategic or in the name of the Insurer?
The insurance can be white labelled and branded to suit the end user or market. This will usually mean that it matches the name of the supplying broker or tour operator and is branded accordingly. Dedicated telephone numbers for assistance and claims can be provided which will be answered according to defined scripts. This approach reinforces the customer relationship with their supplier and increases brand awareness.

Can you cater for high value holidays or high net worth individuals?
SISL can tailor the policies so that the benefits reflect the nature of the consumer or the holiday. This can include high limit cancellation benefit for exclusive or cruise holidays. We can also provide higher baggage limits for high net worth individuals and specific benefits that reflect any specialisation by the tour operator.

This can include additional benefits such as Golf Cover for golfing holidays, wedding cover for tour operators specialising in overseas weddings and additional cycle cover for travel companies booking bike tours. We recognise that sometimes standard benefits are not sufficient and can leave gaps. By understanding our clients we can make sure that these gaps are filled and customers are fully protected.

What are the typical Insurance Benefits which are available on a travel policy?
As detailed previously, SISL can develop a policy with virtually any relevant benefit.

A selection of the most popular benefits are:

  • Medical Expenses – covers hospital and doctors costs if the policyholder falls ill or is injured following an accident.
  • Delay – pays the policyholder compensation if their travel arrangements or baggage collection is delayed.
  • Personal Belongings – covers the policyholder’s personal possessions if they are lost, damaged or stolen.
  • Money – –covers the cardholder for cash that is stolen from them during a trip.
  • Cancellation – covers the cost of prepaid travel arrangements if the policyholder is unable to travel and is unable obtain a refund for the costs paid.
  • Missed Departure – pays for the additional costs incurred when the policyholder misses their outbound flight due to an unforeseen delay in reaching their departure point.
  • Personal Liability – covers the cardholder in the event that they are held liable for injury to a third party or damage to their property.
  • Legal Expenses – pays legal costs in pursuing a claim against a third party who has caused injury to the policyholder.
  • Ski Cover – provides compensation if the policyholder is unable to ski through a lack of snow and also covers additional costs of renting skis if the policyholders’ are delayed en route. It also covers prepaid ski packs which includes lift passes and ski lessons in the event that the policy holder is unable to use them following an accident on the slope which renders them from skiing.
  • Golf Cover -– provides additional cover for the transport of golfing equipment and refunds, or prepaid green fees if the policyholder is unable to play.
  • Personal Accident – paying a benefit if the policyholder is killed or disabled following an accident on a trip.
  • Portable electronic device cover – covers cameras, iPods, laptops etc, whilst the policyholder is travelling.
  • ATM Robbery – refunds the cardholder in the event that they are robbed after using a cash point.
  • Lost Passports and Travel Documents – covers the cost of replacing necessary travel documents if they are lost or stolen during the trip.
  • Scheduled Airline Failure Insurance – covers the cost of a customer’s return home in the event that their airline goes bankrupt.
  • Business Cover – cover is extended to cover holiday and business trips.