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Who is Expatriate Healthcare?
Expatriate Healthcare is part of the Expatriate Group; a trading style of Strategic Insurance Limited. Expatriate Healthcare has been providing products and services to expatriates and frequent travellers around the world since 2003. Expatriate Healthcare/Expatriate Group provide these services via various Binding Authority agreements at Lloyd’s of London and other insurance markets.

Who is eligible to buy Expatriate Healthcare?
Most expatriates around the world are entitled though there are a couple of residence restrictions, such as the USA, Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi, due to specific in-country insurance laws. In addition, there are some age related restrictions. Once you are on cover, you will be able to renew your policy for life. For further details or to get a Quick Quote visit us at

What is the difference between international medical and travel insurance?
There are a few very key differences:

  1. The purpose of travel insurance is to ‘get you home’ so you can be treated by your domestic national health provider. Travel insurance covers a specific trip or trips.
  2. International medical insurance (generally) renews for life, so if you get a medical condition, you know you have life-long cover.

In short, travel insurance is a temporary emergency style policy and international medical insurance is a private health insurance that’s with you for life so long as you continue to pay your premium.

Are you regulated?
Yes, Expatriate Healthcare and the Expatriate Group are trading styles of Strategic Insurance Services Limited, who are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.